Korean Sensation Aoora, Bigg Boss 17’s Latest Wild Card Entrant, Expresses Love for Indian Cinema and Bollywood Stars

In a recent exclusive interview, the newest wild card contestant of Bigg Boss 17, Korean sensation Aoora, unveiled his deep admiration for Indian cinema, expressing a particular fondness for Bollywood. Known for his K-pop stardom and captivating social media presence, Aoora has been making waves in India, embracing its culture and entertainment with enthusiasm.

Aoora’s Bollywood Affection:

In the interview, Aoora disclosed his favourite Bollywood actor, none other than the iconic Salman Khan. The K-pop sensation expressed his desire to work with the Bollywood superstar, showcasing an unexpected connection to the host of Bigg Boss 17.

Love for Indian Cinema:

When questioned about his affinity for Indian cinema, Aoora pointed out his enjoyment of the blockbuster movie “RRR” and revealed his admiration for Salman Khan’s “Tiger 3” and Shah Rukh Khan’s “Jawan.” Intriguingly, he shared that he experienced these films in Indian theatres, relishing the captivating visuals and expressive performances.

H2: Aoora’s Desi Life in India:

Beyond the glitz of Bollywood, Aoora has been immersing himself in Indian life. As Park Min-Jun, the artist has garnered attention for his participation in Durga Puja celebrations in Mumbai and his engagement in viral trends like the “What Jhumka” song from “Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani.”

A Glimpse into Aoora’s Indian Journey:

Aoora & Hoik, a member of the boy band Double-A, has been residing in India for several months. His videos capturing Indian cultural experiences, temple visits, and participation in celebrations have resonated with netizens. Notably, he marked the 58th anniversary of diplomatic relations between South Korea and India with a visit to Uttar Pradesh.

Aoora’s presence in Bigg Boss 17 adds an international flavour to the show, showcasing the global appeal of Indian entertainment. His love for Salman Khan, Bollywood films, and immersion in Indian culture are creating a unique blend of K-pop and Bollywood in this season. Fans eagerly anticipate how Aoora’s journey unfolds in the Bigg Boss house, bringing diverse cultural influences to the forefront.

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